Finalists 2015

 Category Entered  Product Name
 Best Beef Product
   Aldi Specially Selected 30 Day Matured Dry Aged Sirloin Steak
   Morrisons Double Beef Short Rib with Soy, Ginger & Garlic
   Tesco Finest* Ultimate Burger Kit with Pulled Pork
 Best Fresh Fish Product
   Marks & Spencer Mediteranean Salt Baked Seabass
   Morrisons Lightly Smoked Salmon Portions
   The Co-operative Lemon & Pepper Scottish Smoked Salmon
 Best Frozen Fish Product
   Asda 2 Garlic & Herb Butter Cod Fillets
   Iceland Freshly Frozen Seabass Fillets Skin-on & Boneless
   Tesco Finest* 2 Beer Battered Cod Fillets
 Best Lamb Product
   Aldi Slow Cooked Minted Lamb Shoulder
   Asda Lamb Chops
   Morrisons Lamb Chump Roast with Garlic & Rosemary
 Best Pie
   Marks & Spencer Fidget Pie
   Marks & Spencer Gastropub Potato topped Scottish Lochmuir Salmon and Cod Pastry Pie
   Tesco Walkers King Size Pork Pie
 Best Pork or Bacon Product
   Asda Butchers Selection Ultimate Rack of Pork Ribs
   Morrisons Pork & Spanish Chorizo Burger
   Tesco Finest* Oak Smoke and Roast in the Bag Boneless Pulled Pork Shoulder
 Best Poultry Product
   Aldi Ashfield Farm Roast in the Bag British Whole Chicken with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing
   The Co-operative Italian Creamy Pesto Chicken
   The Co-operative West Country Cider & Wholegrain Mustard Chicken
 Best Product New to Market
   Asda Mild to Wild Chicken Wings Pack
   Marks & Spencer The Grill Pork Belly Hog Roast with Kentish Apple Sauce & Crackling Crumb
   The Co-operative Naked Smoked Haddock, Salmon, Spinach & Barbers Mature Cheddar Melting Centre Fishcake
 Best Ready Meal
   Aldi Chicken En Croute with Cheddar Cheese & Bacon
   Asda Chicken Tray Bake Lemon & Black Pepper
   Morrisons British Beef & Ale Pot Pie with Horseradish Mash
 Best Ready to Eat Product
   Asda Ready to Eat Lemon and Parsley Smoked Salmon Fillets
   Tesco Finest* Beetroot Infused Smoked Scottish Salmon with Horseradish Cream
   Tesco Finest* Leicestershire Cured Blackened Ham
 Best Sausage Product
   Aldi Specially Selected British Outdoor Bred Pork & Bramley Apple Sausages
   Asda 12 Pork Chipolata Sausages
   Asda 2 Hickory Smoked Cheese and Jalapeno Footlong Hot Dogs
 Best Shellfish Product
   Asda Coldwater Prawns
   Morrisons Nigerian King Prawns
   Tesco Fish Counter Headless Black Tiger Prawns

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