Finalists 2014

 Category  Product
 Best Beef Product  Aldi Specially Selected British Rib Eye Steak
   Tesco Beef Lollipops with a Cherry BBQ Sauce
   Tesco Finest British Veal Fillet Steaks With Scottish
 Honey Butter
Best Fish or Seafood Product  Lidl La Caldera Wholetail Scampi
   Morrisons M Signature Dressed Lobster
   Morrisons M Signature Traditionally Smoked Scottish Salmon
 Best Lamb Product  Marks and Spencer Lamb Rumps with a Honey Roast Parsnip
 and Rosemary Crust
   Tesco Lamb Shoulder Joint with a Fruity Moroccan Sauce
   The Co-operative Lamb Rump Steaks with Pea & Mint
 Best Packaging  Marks and Spencer Gastrogold Limited Edition Slow
 Roasted Duck
   Morrisons Thick Cut Sirloin Steak
   Tesco British Chicken Thighs with a Fire Roasted
 Tomato, Smoked Paprika and Oregano Stuffing
 Best Pie  Asda Chosen by you Deep Filled Steak & Ale Puff Pastry Pie
   Marks and Spencer Steak & Old Peculier Ale Pie
   Morrisons Ultimate Pork Pie
 Best Pork or Bacon Product  Asda Butcher’s Selection Gammon Steaks with Four
 Cheese Butter
   Lidl Deluxe Outdoor Bred Pork Belly Joint with a Five Spice
 & Honey Drizzle
   The Co-operative Gammon with Blossom Honey
 Best Poultry Product  Marks and Spencer Chicken Breasts with Spinach & Ricotta
   Morrisons Turkey Crown with Pork Ribs and Stuffing
   Tesco Boozy Bird
 Best Product New to Market  Asda Butcher’s Selection Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket Burger
   Marks and Spencer Braised Lamb in Redcurrant & Mint Gravy
   Morrisons M Signature Traditional Beef Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak
 Best Product Sold on a Value Platform  Aldi Severn Vale Beef Meatballs
   Asda Smart Price Whole Chicken
   Morrisons Skin On Boneless Salmon Fillets
 Best Ready Meal Product  Asda Extra Special Slow Cooked Pork Belly with an Asian Glaze
   Morrisons M Kitchen Ham Hock with a Honey &
 Muscovado Sauce
   Morrisons M Kitchen Slow-Cooked Five Spice Pork Belly
 with Hoisin Sauce
 Best Ready to Eat Product  Asda Chosen by you Rotisserie Counter Piri Piri
 Chicken Thighs
   Asda Extra Special Spanish Tapas Selection
   Lidl Laschinger Smoked Scottish Salmon Sliced
 Best Sausage Product  Aldi Specially Selected British Pork Sausages
   Asda Extra Special Tennessee BBQ Pork Sausages
   Lidl Dulano Nürnberger Sausages

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