SuperMeat and Fish Retailer of the Year award

The premier national title is SuperMeat and Fish Retailer of the Year Award. This coveted title is the ultimate accolade and this year will be awarded to one retailer by adding the top twelve scores from the everyday product ranges to the top five scores from the Christmas ranges.

Product awards

Best Bacon
Best Beef Product
Best Fresh Fish Product
Best Frozen Fish Product
Best Gluten Free Product (excluding sausages)
Best Lamb Product
Best Pie
Best Pork Product
Best Poultry Product
Best Product New to Market
Best Ready Meal
Best Ready to Eat Product
Best Sausage
Best Seafood Product
Best Smoked Product

Best Christmas Beef Product
Best Christmas Charcuterie
Best Ready Cooked Christmas Ham
Best Christmas Fish Product
Best Christmas Game Product
Best Christmas Lamb Product
Best Christmas Party/Buffet Product
Best Christmas Pate/Terrine
Best Christmas Pork
Best Christmas Turkey
Best Christmas Seafood Product
Best Christmas Smoked Salmon Product
Best Christmas Stuffing

Best Overall Product – chosen by our judges across all products

Processing & Supply Chain awards

Awards to recognise processors and suppliers and these are free to enter.

Supermarket Meat Processor of the Year

Supermarket Fish Processor of the Year

The judging will be based on evidence provided, not prior knowledge. Answers should be tailored to the category, so companies entering ‘Best Supermarket Fish Processor’ should relate responses to fish processing, not non-seafood operations. High marks will be given to reflect progress on the processor’s own targets and benefits delivered to retailers through creative and successful projects. A strong and mutual working relationship between entrant and retailer should be demonstrated. The stress should be on the results and creativity of projects, not size of investment.

Supermarket Supply Chain Partnership of the Year

The awards are not judged on amount invested, in the initiative or the size of it, but on proportionate benefits to the business and to customers and improvements to existing supply chain strategy. Success with a complex project deserves more marks. The award could cover any part of the supply chain, from initial product procurement, transport to depot and storage to effective delivery to customers. Evidence will need to be shown when entering.