2017 Winners

Meat & Fish Retailer of the Year 2017

Best Supermarket Butchery Counter Team 
Morrisons Scunthorpe

Best Supermarket Fish Counter Team 
Morrisons Herne Bay

Supermarket Meat Processor of the Year   

Best Bacon Product        
Morrisons Unsmoked Maple Cured Back Bacon

Best Beef Product   
Morrisons The Best 21 Day Matured Fillet Steak

Best Fish Product  
Aldi Specially Selected Salmon Wellington

Best Gluten Free Product
Iceland 2 Extra Lean Ostrich & Herb Quarter Pounders

Best Lamb Product   
Asda Lamb Joint with Garlic Butter

Best Pie
Pukka Pies All Steak

Best Pork Product 
Iceland Churrasco Salt & Chilli Pork Shoulder

Best Poultry Product 
Aldi Specially Selected Smoked Sliced Duck

Best Product New to Market 
Co-op Quick Roast Sea Salt & Black Pepper Beef Joint

Best Ready Meal  
Iceland Luxury Open Chicken & Nduja Lasagne

Best Ready to Eat Product  
Aldi Specially Selected Black Treacle & Stout Ham

Best Sausage  
Aldi Specially Selected 8 Outdoor Bred British Pork, Cornish Cheddar, Bacon & Chive Mini Hot Dog Sausages

Best Seafood Product    
Morrisons The Best Dressed Cromer Crab

Best Smoked Product
Aldi The Fishmonger Smoked Mackerel Fillets – Peppered

Best Christmas Beef Product  
Iceland Luxury Picanha Rump with Mixed Peppercorns

Best Christmas Charcuterie   
Aldi Specially Selected 24 Month Prosciutto Verona
Iceland Luxury Continental Platter with Cheese

Best Christmas Fish Product    
Iceland Savoury Salmon Cheesecakes

Best Christmas Game Product   
Aldi Specially Selected Boneless Duck Breast Crown with Chilli Duck Sausage Meat and Marmalade Glaze

Best Ready Cooked Christmas Ham  
Aldi Specially Selected Bake & Glaze Christmas Pudding Joint With Mulled Cider Glaze

Best Christmas Lamb Product  
Aldi Specially Selected Shoulder of Lamb with Redcurrant, Cranberry and Port Glaze

Best Christmas Party/Buffet Product      
Aldi Specially Selected Turkey Breast Parcel with Apricot Stuffing

Best Christmas Pate/Terrine
Aldi Specially Selected Pate Bowls – Partridge & Pear

Best Christmas Pork Product 
Aldi Specially Selected Sweetcured Gammon Joint topped with a Gingerbread Crumb and Golden Gingerbread Glaze

Best Christmas Seafood Product
Iceland Luxury Prawn Cocktail

Best Christmas Smoked Salmon Product
Morrisons The Best Lightly Smoked Salmon with Oranges and Cranberries

Best Christmas Stuffing
Iceland Pork & Caramelised Onion Stuffing Log wrapped in Bacon

Best Christmas Turkey  
Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Rumburgh Farm Whole Turkey

Best Overall Product 
Aldi Specially Selected Salmon Wellington